With his mother coming to meet his live-in girlfriend, Mark Foster must conceal his family’s sordid past or face the one thing he fears the most… his own lies.

Like many guys, Mark Foster struggles with commitment, but given his past, he has a good reason. Fifteen years ago, his parents’ scandalous divorce grabbed the public’s attention and shattered Mark’s ideas about marriage. Even worse, Mark and his charismatic brother, Hal, were forced to pick sides and to this day, disagree over whom to fault. Unfortunately, Mark has never shared any of this with his unsuspecting girlfriend, Erika, who is about to meet Mark’s embittered, camera-happy mother, Gretchen, for the first time. As Mark desperately struggles to keep his family’s sordid history under wraps, during a long, awkward weekend, past issues resurface that force Mark to confront the thing he fears the most…his own lies.

Genre: Comedy

Location: San Francisco, CA

The Full Picture poster The Full Picture (2008) - 1

Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    Jon Bowden (San Francisco, CA)
  • Cast
    Joshua Farrell
    Bettina Devin
    Daron Jennings
    Lizzie Ross
    Heather Mathieson

Characters of the Movie

  • Hal Foster, “protagonist”

Joshua Farrell The Full Picture (2008) - 2

  • Mark Foster

Daron Jennings The Full Picture (2008) - 3

  • Mrs. Gretchen Foster

Bettina Devin The Full Picture (2008) - 4

  • Beth Foster

Heather Mathieson The Full Picture (2008) - 5

  • Erica