The Infection The Infection - 1

2047. The Olium Virus Epidemic has completely covered Manhattan. It has been surrounded by concrete walls and quarantined. Johanathan and Nicole are survivors.

Manhattan, 2047. The Olium Virus has infected those at Olium Corporations and spread across the small island of New York. Concrete walls have been put up all along the coast, forming a giant barrier around the island, and the bridges have been demolished. Sea Mines have been placed in the surrounding water as a precaution. One Olium Corporation (OC) Officer, named Johnathan, stayed on the island side of the Brooklyn Bridge to contain a rioting crowd while the other OC Officers closed the concrete gates and blew the bridge. The man who stays behind with him is killed a few moments after the blowing of the bridge, and Johnathan heads inland past the crowd.

While heading to inland Manhattan, Johnathan meets an attractive girl named Nicole who he almost instantly falls in love with. She joins him and they go back to her apartment. There they hideout for a week, and they are joined by Nicole’s neighbor and acquaintance, Elliot. Johnathan and Elliot immediately hit it off and become good friends. Together these three struggle to survive post-apocalyptic Manhattan for about a month. After about 2 days of being in Nicole’s apartment. Her and Johnathan develop a thing and Elliot becomes Johnathan’s best friend. At the end of the month, Nicole’s building is raided by Infected, all three escape and rush to another building.

Here they stay for another good amount of time and Johnathan gets bitten on the way in. But, something strange happens to Johnathan. He doesn’t change into an Infected, he maintains normal appearance and brain functionality but has all the unnatural abilities of an Infected. Around 2 weeks later they are rescued by Olium Corporations Helicopters and take to the Americas, where test after test is performed on him until he is deemed safe and let into the public. He and Nicole never separate.

The script above is partial. It’s not even half of the film script. It’s just what I have right now.

Alex May
Duluth, GA

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Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi