Many dog owners complain that their dogs don’t obey them when they call them and that they have tried many times to call them with no use. We will give you some pieces of advice to help you to train your dogs or puppies to come to you when you call them.

1 First of all, you should train your dog in a low noise area to avoid distracting him from your commands especially if you were trying to teach him in an ample space like a park or a club.

train your dog

2 Use some tricks with your dog like his or her favorite food, treats or leash to control him and reward him when he obeys you. Identify or select a special name for your dog to make this process easier when you try to call him to answer you soon enough.


3 Try not to get angry if you called your dog many times and didn’t come right away, as if you got angry when he comes to you, he would get the contrast idea that you got angry only because he obeyed you and came near to your side.


4 You must reward him when he answers even after a long time of calling to prove the idea that coming to you is a good thing, not the otherwise. Use things he likes such as food, toys or anything else that could encourage him to come to you every time you call.

Note: you should smile at him and tap on his head when he comes to you to make him likes to come to you any time you call.Pointer-cross Harry, 6 years old

5 If you have a hard time and he escapes from you a lot while you are training him, you can use a leash or a light rope at the beginning. If your dog is a type of hungry ones, you can make him obey you and come quickly when you call to give him his or her food.


6 You can also ask someone to help you to train your dog to answer when he gets called by his name from you or someone else. When you call him and give him a treat when he comes so as the other person should do the same thing, he will feel good when he gets called to have treats and good things such as food or toys, so you would achieve the idea that calling him is a good thing in his mind.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and got some helpful advice about your dog’s training.