Vengeance Wears a Skirt Vengeance Wears a Skirt - 1

Toy London was just doing her job. The lookout for a diamond heist. When she tried to take what was hers, her partners in crime, people she trusted, savagely beat her and left her for dead. It’s been a long time since that night. Jeremiah Walls, Max Dylan, Roosevelt Blair, Ricky Rios and Bradley Hathaway have all but forgotten about what they did. But Toy didn’t. She’s back. And she is extracting vengeance…one corpse at a time.

A cross between “The Professional” and “Death Wish,” “Vengeance Wears a Skirt” is a stylized, violent, thrill ride with a strong female lead that both genders will find relatable. With an interesting supporting cast, dry humor and inventive violence, “Vengeance Wears a Skirt” is a fresh take on a staple of 70’s cinema: The revenge movie.

John D. Robinson
Cincinnati, OH

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Type: Feature Film
Genre: Action

Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    John D. Robinson
  • Cast
    Lisa Palenica
    Shawn C. Phillips
    Andrew Jacob DeHart

Characters of the Movie

  • Toy London, “protagonist”
  • Roosevelt Blair
  • Jeremiah Walls
  • Max Dylan