A documentary about the explosion of “planned communities” in the United States and the sociological implications thereof.

Although low-income housing projects are also master-planned, these tend towards middle-upper class residential space, often for families working in specific industries.

Architecturally, these neighborhoods tend to stress spacious mansion-like houses on small lots, uniformity of design, and simple but elegant materials (i.e., stucco, adobe roofs, etc.). Many are gated and privately policed, and most have adjunct shopping centers, entirely eliminating the need to venture outwardly.

Interviewees would include community residents, community workers (maintenance, security, etc.), outsiders, police who work planned community beats, architects, and sociologists.

Special attention would be paid to the Orange County area, which saw a huge financial windfall in the 60s and 70s and has very quickly been populated by gated, master-planned insular “exurbs” since.

As much of the southwest population is Hispanic, the economic considerations of living in an older cityscape vs. a master-planned community pose interesting questions.

Examples of planned communities:

Foothill Ranch, CA: http://www.foothillranch.com/

Celebration, FL: http://www.celebrationtowncenter.com/ee/

Southern Village, NC: http://www.southernvillage.com/

Issaquah Highlands, WA: http://www.issaquahhighlands.com/

The Irvine Company (CA): http://www.irvinecompany.com/california_master_planned_communities.asp

Poundbury, UK: http://www.poundbury.info/

Ridgewood, NY

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Type: Feature Film

Genre: Historical, Documentary