Is being a woman a blessing or a punishment? It is your call. You just need to learn to listen to yourself, to look for sources of power, and to develop your natural abilities. This is what Zhannabelle teaches us.

The laws of female nature

Have you noticed the tenderness, energy, and pure light that little children emit? A child behaves as naturally and close to his nature as possible. A girl asks for attention, protection, and, in turn, endows others with her laughter, love, and care. This order of things should not change during the whole life.
It is no accident that they say that one becomes a man and one is born a woman!

Remember – every woman is unique and endowed with abilities she may not be aware of. At the seminars, Zhannabelle teaches us to use the forces of the Universe for the benefit of life, to create a strong family, and to support a loved one.

How to find powers inside yourself

Let us turn on our imagination for a moment and imagine that you went on vacation out of town. Being outdoors, you felt the urge to take a lot of pictures and shoot videos. Of course, you posted those beautiful pics on social media to share them with your friends and followers. As a result, your phone battery went dead. So, what to do? Of course, you can’t find a power plug in the forest… In this case, a power bank comes to the rescue – an additional battery for your gadget. Do you understand what we are driving at?

You are the best battery for yourself and your loved ones. It is important to recharge your energy in a timely manner and save it.

And now, try to remember the last time you “charged” your batteries. If it took you a long time, it means it was a long time ago. You may not even know how to do it at all.

Zhannabelle suggests performing a simple practice. Take a comfortable body position, close your eyes, relax, and let your imagination flip through options that work to replenish the vital energy – relaxing outdoors, the sea, mountains, travel, sports activities, reading a wise book, music, or meditation… Which of the “slides” touched your subconscious self? What did you feel like doing and where would you like to be right there? Remember – this is what recharges you and gives you energy. Turn to this source as often as possible.

It so happens that energetic and fairly young women constantly feel tired. This can be caused by the pollution of the womb on an energetic level. After all, it is through the womb that we draw the strength and powerful energy of our lineage. If the womb has accumulated a lot of unfavorable elements, it needs to be energetically cleaned. This is what Zhannabelle teaches us in her classes.

What you are capable of

Look into the past. Has it ever happened to you that someone close to you was in dire straits or needed help, and you did not know how you could help? All of a sudden, incredible forces showed up out of the blue to help you move mountains for that person and you became a powerful “Hulk” to do the impossible! Yes, such things happen. A woman is especially able to do something incredible for her child. This state of maximum strength and mobilization is exactly your superpower.

Another example – the man you love faced a problem at work. Perhaps his contract fell through or his business partner let him down. He is out of sorts and does not want to talk about his problems. He may even turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of escape… This is the best way for him to avoid the unbearable reality.

A woman who has the powerful resource of her lineage and her inner balance will not aggravate the situation. She envelops her loved one with a warm atmosphere at home, care, tenderness, and motivational words. Even if she is dead tired, she somehow finds the strength to inspire her man and let him believe that everything will be fine. She creates a new alternate reality which the man is ready to return to and is not afraid of. That’s because he feels the most important things – respect and support. Then he finds the strength to make new achievements, he moves up the career ladder and his income increases. At the same time, suddenly he finds time to play with the children and takes his wife to a restaurant for dinner. He once again feels passion and tender feelings for her. The man becomes attentive, gives a lot of compliments and gifts to the woman he loves.
This is what we are able to do when we have the strength and resources for ourselves and our loved ones.

Change a life for the better

Helping others is an important goal of a real woman. No, it does not mean to make sacrifices or be obsequious. On the contrary, it means to be strong and full of enough energy to share it with others.
Maria shares her story:

“I have always been an active child and dreamed of becoming a gymnast. But my parents wanted me to become an accountant, and, upon graduation, I took up an accountant’s job. Thirty years on, I had developed back and vein problems. I didn’t want to move or live at all because of them… Then I came across a YouTube video in which an incredibly beautiful woman was speaking about inner strength. It was Zhannabelle the shaman. I realized that I really needed her help. I attended one of her seminars and then I signed up for practice courses.

As a result, a born-again girl is writing to you! I really feel happy, problem-free, and healthy. The most important thing is that it’s never too late to get back to your dream – I’m taking gymnastics classes (I’m 38 years old)! Thanks to Zhannabelle and her classes, I have learned to love myself, to replenish my energy, and help my loved ones and friends.

The main thing is to overcome fear, to learn how to shut out negative vibes, and fully unlock your natural abilities. This is the journey that Zhannabelle the coach has made to become a mentor for women who want to be happy. Being the bearer of the traditions of Siberian shamanism, she will teach you the wisdom of generations and how to draw the power from your lineage. She will unlock your potential.”

The divine energy of transformation

Do you know why we want to hug our loved ones and why we hold our children when trying to calm them down? This is how positive energy is exchanged. It actually helps to soothe pain and feel happiness.
And now, imagine that each person will be endowed with some positive energy. Even law enforcement agents, politicians, and businessmen – each of them will get their positive share of warmth. When this energy passes through their hearts, they will surely do a good deed, useful for all humanity.

Everything is possible and real if the initiative comes from a woman. Zhannabelle’s students have already created a strong field of the right people around them. Thanks to wise knowledge and energy support at the seminars, they have learned how to “filter” their environment and information correctly.

You will agree that you want to become that kind of woman who gives love and warmth.

Zhannabelle is open to everyone. Even just by being present in her energy field, people are charged with positive Power. The shaman helps students to better themselves, and then the energy received is transferred to others. You have the opportunity to help your relatives and those around you to become more successful and happier. The most effective way to learn this is through individual consultations and workshops. The practice is also facilitated by being in Places of Power.

Places of Power are special areas of the planet. This is where strong energy is found. When one gets there, one feels a strong energy effect.

You can bring a photo of someone close to you to a class or consultation to ask for a ritual for him or her. An amulet is also chosen to protect the family tree.

Darina’s Story: 

“I, probably like many people, was constantly wasting my personal energy on doubts and self-reproach. For example, if I bought a pair of shoes or a purse to pamper myself, I did not get any pleasure out of it. I didn’t enjoy the purchase but was tormenting myself with questions – did I do the right thing or why did I spend so much? Well, all that time I just “gifted” that purchased thing with my negative energy! It may seem to be a trifle, but such thoughts just were eating me from the inside. As it turned out, I charged that thing with negative energy. Every time I was wearing it, the negative energy was filling me. Often, when I came home in the evening, I felt completely exhausted. I only had enough strength to quickly get to my favorite couch and drop on it.

Finally, I decided to try Zhannabelle’s practices to learn how to unlock the energy of desires. And you know, it is a miracle! I learned how to manage my consciousness, and, in the end, my life! I am working on my self-sufficiency and directing it to my spiritual development.”

The most important thing for you is to remember the main goal – to free yourself from the burden of unrealized desires. They accumulate and block the free flow of energy from the inside out and prevent dreams from coming true.
Women’s practices from Zhannabelle are a set of exercises that allow your women’s energy to fill you. They help to improve the physical, psychological, and emotional states. As a result, your body blocks are removed, and energy flows freely and easily. Remember, only you can create your own destiny and the future of your family! At seminars, rituals, and individual consultations, you will be able to analyze more thoroughly all your requests. This is about your personal life, health, financial, and family wellbeing. Zhannabelle is waiting for you at her events.
Only a woman can create a life full of pure love, joy, and harmony! And you are this woman!