When a young man asks his new love how many people she has slept with, he gets an answer he didn’t bargain for.

Patrick and Emma have an intimate relationship but they still haven’t become intimate…literally. When Patrick asks Emma how many people she has slept with, he gets an answer he most definitely was not anticipating.

Inspired by the short story “Naveed” by Dave Eggers, the film dissects a rarely discussed perspective and an often uncomfortable topic in new relationships in this endearing and provocative look at gender roles.

Anatomy of numbers received a Festival Award from the Los Angeles FirstGlance Film Festival in 2009.

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Erin Cantelo
Los Angeles, CA



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    The band members ignore Sister’s warning and they become a part of the paper world.

Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    Erin Cantelo
  • Cast
    Jessica Bennett
    Tim Frank
  • Producers
    Erin Cantelo
    Bevery J. Taylor
  • Music by
    Bryan Senti
  • Cinematography by
    Christian Sprenger
  • Film editing by
    Erin Cantelo

Characters of the Movie

  • Patrick, “protagonist”

Tim Frank Anatomy of Numbers (2008) - 3

  • The Girlfriend

Jessica Bennett Anatomy of Numbers (2008) - 4


  • Found Objects Music Productions

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