Antithesis is an experimental, narrative short about a widowed man and teen girl who meet in person after forming a friendship in an online suicide club chatroom.

Antithesis reveals the parallel lives of two strangers who become friends in an online suicide club chat room in the moments before their first in-person meeting. M, a middle-aged man, loses his grip on reality after the death of his wife. She beckons him to join her from the grave, and unable to live without her, he makes a vow to follow her in death. A, on the other hand, is a teenage girl just returning from the hospital after a failed suicide attempt. In order to escape the incessant emotional abuse of her mother, A runs away from home to meet M. The two desperate souls come together in an abandoned theatre, revealing the depths of their need for one another and the lengths to which humans will go to end the desperation of solitude.

Jon Carlos Evans director 1 Antithesis (2010) - 1
Jan-Carlos Evans
Writer, Director

Production Details

Location Zip Code: 11385

Location City: New York

Location State: New York

Cast and Crew

  • writer and director
    Jon-Carlos Evans
  • Cast
    Jean Goto
    Luca Rodrigues
    Janice Mann
    G. Michelle Robinson
  • Producers
    Jon-Carlos Evans
    Juan Loney
    Isilay Yanbas
  • Music by
    Anton Calderon
    Justin Schulz
  • Cinematography by
    Chun-Kai Yang
  • Film editing by
    Jon-Carlos Evans

Characters of the Movie

  • A, “protagonist”
    A middle-aged man

Luca Rodrigez Antithesis (2010) - 2

  • M, “protagonist”
    A teenage girl

Jean Goto Antithesis Antithesis (2010) - 3

  • A’s Mother

Janice Mann Antithesis (2010) - 4

  • G. Michelle Robinson

G. Michelle Robinson 2 Antithesis (2010) - 5


  • Perfect Entropy

Perfect Entropy logo Antithesis (2010) - 6

Winning Awards

Aloha Accolade Award Honolulu Film Festival 2010 Antithesis (2010) - 7

  • Silver Palm Award Mexico International Film Festival Antithesis

Silver Palm Award mexico international film festival Antithesis Antithesis (2010) - 8