Some people want to know how to apply wedding makeup by themselves instead of hiring someone professional. However, when they see the full makeup of the bride, they doubt if they can do it. So, I’ll give you some basic tips for applying the wedding makeup. I assure you it’s not that difficult as you might think of it.

A beautiful bride's makeup

A beautiful bride’s makeup

In the beginning, you should buy some things to be able to apply the makeup. You should get a skin lotion, primer, concealer, eyeshadow, blusher, eyeliner, and mascara. Those are the essential tools not to mention other few things if you want to add further touches to your wedding makeup.

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1 The 1st step before applying the makeup is to clean and prepare the skin. It could be done by washing the face or using a proper mask for the bride’s skin type.

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2 Then you could apply a lotion cream to make the skin soft and smooth. Leave it for 10 minutes to be absorbed by the skin.

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3 After that, you should put a proper primer or a base cream on your face, near your skin color to look natural (one degree lighter). Then you have to hide every dark spot on your face especially the dark halos on your eyes (If you have them) using a concealer.

A foundation cream

A foundation cream

4 The next step is applying a transparent powder cream on your face. Try to avoid using a big powder brush as it’d make your skin look greasy in the pictures. Try then to apply the black eyeliner on your eyes and dip liner inside them to make your eyes look wider and prettier.

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5 The next step is to apply the eyeshadow. It should be a proper color for the bride’s skin, hair and eyes to look amazing and stylish. You could also draw your brows and apply a light eyeshadow under them. You can also use some glitter on your eyes and under your brows if you want to look shiny especially if your wedding would be at night.

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6 The next step is to put a proper blusher on your cheeks. Its color should be near to the eyeshadow’s if possible, brown eyeshadow with brown blusher, for example.

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7 The last step is putting the lipstick. You could use the liquid type of lipstick or another type as you prefer. You can also mix two types of the same color but one with glitter if you want. Note: You can apply glitter on the lower lips only.

The next lipstick with glitter

The next lipstick with glitter

Now, you understand the necessary steps of applying a beautiful wedding makeup nicely and effortlessly. I hope I have been useful to you in this article, and I wish all the brides to have their wedding dream’s day.