A few years ago, your doctor would tell you to stop all foods that contain: eggs, cheese, butter, red meat, etc. Today, we know that if we eat a little, the body will tend to manufacture less. Do not focus on cholesterol in foods, but still limit their consumption to 200 mg daily. There is no question of excluding drastically all lipids, as we previously advised, we may permit from time to time foods that contain some cholesterol. If you have too much, you also lower the triglycerides, other fats in the blood.

So, no, you should not stop eating any fat. The overall cholesterol barely budges and the “good” would decrease. In addition, you would deprive yourself of essential vitamins such as A and D. Rather, change your habits. For cooking, adopt olive oil (finished cooking in butter). Choose reduced-fat cream and yogurt or cottage cheese 0% or 3% (ex- “20%”). Butter on toast. A little in the morning, it’s perfect. With this cholesterol intake, the body receives the message not to produce itself.

Is Anti-cholesterol Margarine Useful?

They contain sterols and plant stanols. These molecules whose structure is close to the cholesterol compete with the food and reduce its absorption. Which lowers LDL. But opinions are divided. These portions of margarine are well lower blood cholesterol levels, but there are doubts about their effects on cardiovascular, studies should be conducted to identify their potential risks. Meanwhile, in doubt, it is best not to consume.

To reduce your cholesterol levels, it is essential to change your diet. All those who have too much cholesterol have received the same advice: “Correct your diet.” It is in fact essential, and the first treatment is dietary. Easier said than done! What to eat, how many times per week, in what quantities?

  • The power supply influences the cholesterol

Discouraged or even annoyed by what they already fancy constraints, some people are quick to conclude that diet has little influence on their cholesterol. The exogenous part of the diet is 20 to 30%, this is not the most important part, however, can remove your dietary intake of cholesterol. And successfully reduce its overall cholesterol.

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  • Good eating habits prevention

The specialist works to track the biggest mistakes in order to provide a tolerable action. If the plan is effective, it is advantageous to make it last; it is modestly effective, the doctor will consider prescribing drugs. There are good eating habits that everyone can appropriate because if they help reduce cholesterol of those who have too much, are also good avenues to prevent and control it.

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  • Sugars and sugar products: limit consumption

cakes cooked at home with margarine or fat-free products such as gingerbread.

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  • Fats: eliminate those of animal origin

The cholesterol-lowering power demand to “eliminate the fats of animal origin, in particular milk. This is quite easy because you can cook and cook with oil. Combine olive for cooking, olive, walnuts for raw because oils rich in saturated fatty acids (palm, coconut, peanut), tend to turn into cholesterol.

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  • Meat and poultry: Select

We must focus on white poultry (chicken breast, turkey) at will. Prefer pieces of veal and leanest beef (topside or rump) no more than three to four times per week (approximately 500 g), and avoid meats and the fattiest meats: mainly pork, to except ham rind, fat, lamb and duck.

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  • Eggs: maximum two per week

Regarding eggs, it is eaten at most two, once a week, for their yolk contains 200 mg of cholesterol.

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  • Fish: at least twice per week

An amount revised upwards: all white fish, lean are allowed at will, and oily fish, sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon, great for their omega 3, getting not two, but three times per week. fat yes, but Omega 3.

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  • Small precision

Seafood also provides cholesterol. Avoid head shellfish and oysters limited to 6 input.

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Also, we have a list of foods that decrease bad cholesterol level in your body:

  • Eggplant
  • Walnut
  • Oats
  • Asparagus
  • Apple
  • Tomato
  • Bilberry
  • Grapefruit
  • Soluble fibers
  • Olive oil
  • Soybeans

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Finally, Cholesterol is effectively eliminated with a proper diet, less salt, less sugar, less fat, stop smoking, and do physical activity daily.