The truth about fat burners: To break through this layer of fat that covers your abs or hips, it can be tempting to use a fat burner. These products have now become very popular with the public, and sometimes represent a choice for some practitioners of weight training or bodybuilding who are struggling to lose weight. Slimming pills and slimming remedies are they as effective as they claim? To be fit, as we know, nothing beats exercise. But one can always dream! What happiness if there was a diet pill that allowed to get muscles and lose weight effortlessly. Here is the blunt truth about these slimming pills.

The role of a fat burner

The most common fat burner ingredient is caffeine. It is well known that coffee gives energy and removes fatigue. However, caffeine also has some disadvantages: it is diuretic and unnerving. All foods have their good and bad sides. For example, cinnamon helps to divert the creation of fat (reducing the amount of sugar in the blood), but in turn, thins the blood. If the blood is too fluid then it is very bad for your health.

Caffeine, like cinnamon, is natural fat burners. They have very limited benefits. You’ve probably already consumed coffee without losing weight dramatically overnight. These natural fat burners also have harmful side effects, and can not be consumed in large quantities (regularly consume 8-10 cups of coffee or 3-4 tablespoons of cinnamon, which will take you right to the emergency of the nearest hospital).

In fact, a natural fat burner is a kind of food, nothing more. It will not make you lose weight directly. However, it will place your body in a suitable condition to lose weight. If you feel tired, and you want to jump a gym workout, drink a cup of coffee, and the problem is solved. This coffee cup will not make you burn calories by itself (a cup of coffee will make you burn 20 calories maximum). However, the workout you were trying to avoid going to make you lose hundreds of calories. Caffeine is a passive fat burner: it helps you motivate yourself and go to the gym instead of sitting slumped on your sofa watching TV.

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon does not help you burn calories. However, if you eat just before a meal, you will have slightly less hungry during and after the meal, which will prevent you from overeating, and thus will help you lose weight. It will help you indirectly by slightly reducing the feeling of hunger.

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Can you really lose weight with diet pills?

Whether it is the appetite suppressants, fat blockers, diuretics herbal teas or the open-access preparations in pharmacies and drug stores, I’ll be obvious, none of these products has no significant long-term effect on the weight loss. Kill the myth of the eternal slimming capsule through ingested daily. Their sales are based more on marketing a well-crafted speech on convincing results.

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Can conjugated linoleic acid help in weight loss?

  • Conjugated linoleic acid is a mixture of chemical forms of an essential fatty acid.
  • It burns fat and intensive muscle training.
  • The facts on the conjugated linoleic acid: according to preliminary studies, no dose has helped humans to lose fat, but it has helped some animals to lose.

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Chitosan, an effective diet pill to lose weight?

  • Chitosan is an insoluble fiber derived from the shells of crabs and shrimp.
  • It absorbs lipids in preventing weight increases.

The truth about Chitosan:

According to researchers, it has no more positive impact on the health of a grandmother remedy. Worse, it can prevent the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamins D and E, and lipid-soluble drugs.

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Garcinia Cambogia (hydroxy citric acid) to accelerate weight loss

  • These are excerpts of an Indian fruit that competition enzyme needed to digest.
  • It prevents the processing of fats, and carbohydrates removed the extra kilos.
  • The truth about hydroxy citric acid: according to the Journal of the American Medical Association and other reports, it has no effect on the elimination of fat and calories in humans.

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The powers of chromium picolinate

  • Chromium picolinate is an essential nutrient whose Canadians lack because they eat too many refined foods.
  • It prevents the absorption of fats and helps burn calories without effort – even while sleeping.

Does the chromium picolinate weight loss? A study showed that a daily dose of 400 mg had no effect on organic fat, weight, or muscle mass. High doses can disrupt the mood and sleep. To add chromium in your diet, eat corn, peas, and prunes.

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What is the best fat burner

There are dozens, hundreds of products “fat burners.” Yet the most effective product to melt your fat is not in a pill. The burner of the most effective fat is not the most expensive. It is even free! A fat burner is primarily a dietary supplement. For effective weight loss, dietary supplements are located at the bottom of the list. On the boxes of fat burners, you will find written that this type of product should not replace a varied and balanced diet.

When one wants to lose weight and change his/her body, the three most important factors are listed in this order (from most important to least important):

  • The power supply (70% of total)
  • Sport (25% of total)
  • Food supplements (5% of total)

To lose weight, the most important factor is diet. We can not say it enough, to lose weight just eat in smaller quantities. Yet this does not solve the main problem: to lose weight, you must stay motivated.

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Can we hope to see tumbling down a slimming miracle pill for the next ten years?

Honestly, no. We have to stop dreaming. The laboratories do not invest in the research of new assets for two reasons: the high cost of testing and the constraints of EU regulations. Yet I remain convinced that new avenues can be explored to support patients wishing to lose weight. I think of the probiotics that act on the intestinal flora and play a significant role in the absorption of food. It is a perspective for future research.

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