There are so many kinds of card tricks you can do in the parties or special times to amuse the people around you. You can use different card tricks to entertain the kids and adults at the same time. It’s a neat idea to learn some of these lovely magic card tricks to use in any demanding situation or to have a lovely time with your kids at home. Following are some simple card tricks that anyone can learn quickly.

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1 Vanishing card trick

You can do it by pinching one card on one side by using your thumb and two other on the other side. Then use the two outer fingers to grab the edges of the same card and curl in the two middle fingers. The last step is to uncurl the middle fingers to bring the card on the other side of your hand.

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2 Easy card change

You can do that by using your fingers to move the first card of the pack to the upper side. Then use the lower part of your palm to get the next card (the chosen one) on the top by moving it to the lower part till it gets beneath the first card. After that, place it on the top under your palm. You should not let anyone notice what you are doing so far.

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3 Card snap change

In this trick, you should place cards above each other. You can then move the upper card using your fingers till it gets below the second one. This card’s movement will make a sound like the sound of snapping your fingers. It’s a cool, easy trick but needs some practice to be as quick as possible.

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4 Rising card levitation

You should choose a card and place it at the bottom of the cards. Shuffle the cards except the at the bottom. Then make a simple move at the center of the cards pack. Use the small finger of the other hand to move the chosen card at the bottom of the cards. Move it upwards till it gets at the moved center of the pack; insert it a little bit at this place to be shown as it was at the center. You can show it then to the audience. It’s a quite straightforward trick.

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I hope that you have got some few tricks to use in the palm of your hand. These tricks are easy, and that’s why I chose them among a lot of other tricks. They are effective in amusing your kids or allowing you to have fun at any party. You can also teach them to your kids. I hope you have enjoyed them as I did. Good luck!