Favorite Music

The Dodo’s, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Aimee Mann, Prefuse 73, Modest Mouse, Gipsy Kings, Sondre Lerche, Tom Waits, Say Hi, Stars, Wyclef, The National, Marjorie Fair, Kanye West

Favorite Quotes

“I made my first investment at age eleven, I was wasting my life until then.” – Warren Buffet

Favorite Books

I like the Bible it has the best stories and such interesting perspectives. The Wisdom is phenomenal I think filmmakers who rip biblical stories and make them there own are freaking great.I really enjoy reading Bukowski, Rumi, Burroughs, Hemingway, Anais Nin, Coelho, and Palahniuk.

Favorite Talent

making my bed every morning.

Favorite Movies

The Power of One, Crash, Last Days, Elephant, You me and Everyone You Know, The Squid and the Whale, Pretty Dead Things, Paris Je Taime, Coffee and Cigarettes, Annie Hall, Happiness, the Darjeeling Limited, The Emporers New Groove

Interests and Activities

Golf, Scuba Diving, Writing, Directing, Filmmaking, Acting, Investing, Ebay, Reading, watching good movies, live shows, opera, plays

Favorite TV Shows

I have seen clips of Whitest Kids you Know, Masters of Horror, Harvey Birdman these shows seem rad.

I am a working industrial filmmaker. My love is feature films but my bread and butter come from the oil industry. I have shot one feature film that I wrote and directed called “In the Last Hours” which I have put a rough trailer for on my portfolio page. I have also shot a half dozen shorts that are available to watch on myspace and Youtube. I am constantly writing and shooting to get better at the craft. If you’re in Texas let me know because I am always looking for actors.

Christopher Watts Christopher Watts - 1Producer, Cinematographer, Crew, Director, Actor
Austin/Houston, TX

Working On: is studying for a play debuting in 2 weeks in Houston

Representation: Pastorini-Bosby


  • Portrayable Age 20 – 30 yrs old
  • Height 6′ 3″
  • Weight 230 lbs
  • Eye Color Hazel
  • Hair Length Medium
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Ethnic Appearance White/Caucasian

Union Status