Two People are locked in a house with little memory of how or why they are there, and all they know is that one is not telling the truth.

Two Strangers awaken in a locked house with no memory of how or why they came to this particular place. Armed only with what they can find in this house, including a barrel of water and pounds of drugs, the two people begin to lose their grasp on reality as time passes. The story follows the struggle both people are having trying to decipher why they are in this room and how to survive. After a lost amount of time, the two begin to believe the other one is controlling the environment, which leads to a tragic and paranoid filled trip into the depths of the madness and the human psyche.


Christopher Watts
Austin/Houston, TX

 Other Projects 

“Breaking Eight”
five friends descent into a criminal lifestyle of stealing as a game and end up associated with a criminal underworld beyond their playing field.

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller