Many people don’t wear stockings or pantyhose these days to follow the trend of showing legs or wearing open shoes to look fashionable, but what about the freeze in the winter. These days stockings and tights are employed in the winter fashion again in many colors and styles, but how to match the colors between the clothes and them to look beautiful, not weird?


There are many different styles of wearing stockings or tights with many different kinds of clothes especially in winter. Such as if you want to wear colorful stocks, you should wear a one color shoes preferred to be black or white at some times but not the otherwise which means you shouldn’t wear different colors of shoes on a black stocking or it will look weird a bit.

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There are also some simple rules for wearing them at daytime, as you should wear the lighter ones in the daytime like nylon beige or grey or nearly skin colors to look elegant and simple. At evenings, you can wear black or colorful stockings and tights as you like and won’t look odd at all.


There are also stockings for people who like simplicity with beauty as they have simple paintings of flowers or some simple geometric designs to look fabulous.

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We can also see some dark pantyhose look like tight pants under the skirts which look amazing most of the times, have many shapes and colors can suit every woman and warm enough in the cold.


There are also shiny stockings on the legs only for parties or special evenings which suit nightdresses and beautiful skirts. You can find them in many styles but limited colors (often beige, black and silver). Black shoes are the most suitable one for them.


In my point of view, I like dotted stockings of the same color, like light black with darker black dots, beige with the same color dots but a little darker to look elegant during night and day. They work with most colors of clothes as well.

31068_dI wish the article has been useful to you to try some of these ways to match your stockings with the rest of your clothes.