There are many ways show us how to wear white and black together and look amazing.

There are simple rules when you try to look the best wearing black and white, such as wearing a white jacket on a black top or the otherwise which means wearing a black jacket on a white top. You can also wear white blouse on a black skirt which is so traditional and fabulous.

 white and black clothes

 You can also wear a black dress under a white jacket or you can wear black top and tight jeans at the bottom with the same white jacket to look very pretty and elegant in the normal days.

 black dress

Sometimes, when you don’t know what to wear or how to match your accessories with your clothes. Here it is the solution as black and white outfit could match every thing and every color or even shoes.


When you get to wear T-Shirts with stripes, black and white stripes look very unique and absolutely beautiful. You can also wear bags with black and white stripes to complete the match.

Note: It’s preferred if you wear a striped blouse on full black jeans or any other kind of trousers or skirts.


Here are more styles to wear white and black in different ways and costumes, the first picture from the left side shows a girl wearing a leather black jacket on white top and black tight jeans to look casual and fabulous any time you want.

The second picture shows you a pretty girl wearing a black dress with white dots which could be dressed at parties and special occasions.

The last picture shows you a beautiful sleeveless white top on a very loose nice looking black skirt. All these different ways of white and black clothes show us how elegant could be the white and black outfit.

 black jacket

Here are some other different ways of how to wear striped and doted clothes from black and how to wear striped and doted clothes from black and genre, as these models on the stage are wearing different styles from the same colors, but they all look fashionable and pretty amazing.

Look at the shoes, bags and accessories to learn how to match your white and black clothes together.


Another different example to show you how to wear clothes from black and white but in a complete different way.

 wear clothes from black

It shows you white and black at winter season, as she is wearing a white top and a complete black trouser, shoes and hand bag. She is also wearing a long dotted coat of mixed black and white dots and a beautiful black collar on her neck.

I wish you all enjoy reading this article and to be useful for you to be able to wear your black and white clothes comfortably and elegantly with no regrets