Have you been trying to lose weight but have not succeeded? One of these sneaky saboteurs may prevent you from losing weight.

Losing weight: The sneaky saboteurs who ruin your diet

Any dieter is faced with this problem: after a week of strenuous efforts, one goes on the scale to realize that the needle has not moved one iota. Sometimes the reasons are obvious, such as when we made excess at a birthday party or skipped some workouts. But often we do not know why we did not lose weight despite all our efforts.

Are you trying to lose weight? Unexpected saboteurs could hurt your efforts to maintain a healthy weight or to lose excess weight. To achieve your weight loss goal, read on, and enjoy the latest scientific research!

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Losing Weight: Your weight fluctuates during the day

It is normal for your weight fluctuates more or less a kilo during a day. To evaluate the effectiveness of a slimming diet, so it is better to measure results over time. It is important not to be discouraged if you have not lost weight and may have even gained in a day or a week. This blip subsides quickly if you keep on track.

Solution: To avoid weight fluctuations independent of your will, always weigh yourself at the same time and wear the same clothes. Ideally, you should get on the scales in the morning before eating and getting dressed.

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Losing Weight: Can not you lose weight because you have water retention?

If your periods are approaching or have consumed a savory dish for dinner, you could take 500 grams or a kilo. In both cases, it is water retention. Now this water not eliminated by your body adds to your weight, giving you the feeling that the plan you just start is not very effective, although in practice, it works.

Solution: To work around this problem, avoid salty food, and make sure you drink enough water every day.

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Losing Weight: Your weight has plateaued

In diet classes, weight can reach a plateau and will not change in a few weeks. Although these levels put our spirits to the test, be aware that this does not mean that your efforts are useless. Above all, do not give up! This is a temporary step, not a failure.

Solution: You need to persevere! Try to make some changes to your habits, for example, by taking a healthy snack in the middle of the afternoon to avoid having an appetite in heels at the end of your workday, or change your program physical exercise to make it a little more.

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Losing Weight: You can not lose weight because you forgot the little extras

When following a diet for a while, sometimes relaxes its vigilance. You may have taken some bad habits: for example, spread you a thick layer of butter on your toast, nibble while you are cooking, or have a dessert every night. However, these little things can provide enough extra calories to keep you from losing weight.

Solution: To help you, keep a food diary for a few days, which will help you stay aware of what you really eat. Researchers have shown that dieters who recorded everything they ate significantly increased their chances of success.

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Losing Weight: You weigh more on Monday

Maybe you do not weigh yourself normally on Friday or Saturday, but when you mount on the scale on Monday, remember it is the worst day to do it. Most people eat more during the weekend than on weekdays. Besides, the medical school of researchers from Washington University in St. Louis has found that dieters lost weight during the week, but not during the weekend.

Solution: When planning your healthy meal of the weekend ahead, you will put the odds in your favor for weight loss and better resist the temptation during the weekend; also continue to monitor your portions, especially when eating out.

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Losing Weight: Can not lose weight because you are excesses during the weekend?

To fight against the excesses of the weekend, pay attention to portions, weigh yourself every day (or Friday and Monday only), and monitor your alcohol consumption, which provides empty calories and lowers your inhibitions food. Researchers found that people do not realize that they eat more on weekends, especially Saturday when they tend to eat more fatty foods. The extra calories are taken the weekend slow weight loss.

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Losing Weight: You do not eat “good” fats

Eating foods rich in unsaturated fats, such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil can help you eat less in general, thanks to sending a satiety signal to the brain. It appears that these fats trigger the production of a compound in the small intestine called oleoyl ethanolamide. It reaches the nerve endings that transmit messages to the brain, thus curbing hunger and activating a brain circuit that produces a feeling of satiety.

Solution: To avoid weight gain caused by fats, limit your intake to two to three tablespoons (30-45 ml) per day, that is to say, a handful of nuts or sixth d ‘a lawyer.

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Losing Weight: You do not consume enough calcium

If you try to lose weight, make sure you consume enough calcium in your diet. You need at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day from supplements or foods, namely a cup of milk (250 ml), a cup of yogurt, and a cube of cheese (42 g). For overweight women who have a calcium deficiency, increased intake can promote weight loss, according to a 2009 study by the British Journal of Nutrition.

Researchers at Laval University in Quebec City conducted a study of 63 overweight or obese women who consumed 600 milligrams or less of calcium per day, or about half the recommended amount. For 15 weeks, these women followed a low-calorie diet and took either a placebo or 1200 mg of elemental calcium plus vitamin D every day.

Women who took calcium lost six times more weight than those who did not take either thirteen books against two books. According to researchers, the brain probably detects the lack of calcium and tries to compensate by increasing the appetite to increase intake.

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Losing Weight: Your abuse of small treats

If you are unable to stop after eating a mini portion of chips or cookies, separate them so as to have a treat in the car, in the office, and the gym bag. As part of a Dutch study, 59 students received nine small bags of chips (45 g) or two large bags (200 g), room watching TV. Participants were encouraged to pay attention to calories, were almost twice as likely to eat chips from small bags, and consume twice as much as those who munched potato chips big bags. “These little bags seem innocent: it is possible that people make less attention and do not monitor the amount consumed”.

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Losing Weight: You consume a carbohydrate amount that is not adequate

Consuming foods that contain a few calories from carbohydrates can help maintain healthy body weight. A study by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed that people who were absorbing from 47 to 64% (from 290 to 310 g) of their daily calories in carbohydrates were less likely to be overweight or be obese than those who consumed a lower percentage of carbohydrates.

Diets that are too low or too high in carbohydrates are more difficult to follow through, says Anwar Merchant, researcher and associate professor of epidemiology at the University of South Carolina. “You must include all major food groups, including carbohydrates, advises nutritionist Aviva Allen. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes, and vegetables are important sources of fiber, which is essential in maintaining the regularity of the digestive function and in the process of removing excess cholesterol and fat in our organization”.

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Losing Weight: You are aged 40 or over, and your metabolism is down

“The more we age, we lose more lean muscle mass; So our metabolism slows down, especially if we do not exercise every day, “says Larry Tucker, a professor of exercise science at Brigham Young University in Utah. In a recent survey of 192 middle-aged women, Larry Tucker found that women who had adopted a stricter diet had 2.4 times less likely to take six or more pounds over three years as who had less attention. On average, women who developed a stricter diet consumed about 200 daily calories less than women in the second group.

The solution: Exercise when you diet and make sure you eat enough protein. Your body will burn your reserves of fat rather than muscle mass. Aerobic exercise is a good way to increase your metabolic rate.

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