Lupus Disease: This autoimmune disease is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms mimic those of many other diseases. If you notice these symptoms of lupus, including the presence of muscle pain and weight loss, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptom of lupus

1. You feel like you have flu that never ends

Fever, chills, muscle aches, and drowsiness are symptoms of the flu. But many patients do not realize right away that these are also the first symptoms of lupus, “The difference between flu and lupus is that with the flu, you get better after ten days,”, adding that the symptoms of lupus can stretch for days or even months, Or come and go through cycles.

Mononucleosis Disease

2. Weight loss without being on the diet

A sudden weight loss is a dream, right? Except that with lupus, it is also perhaps the beginning of the nightmare. As lupus is an autoimmune disease – the immune system turns against the body – it can severely disrupt your thyroid and your hormones, which can, in turn, affect your weight. Dr. Lee specifies that weight loss is more common, but that lupus can also cause water retention and lead to weight gain in some people.

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3. Small soft bumps in the neck

Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped glands that spread throughout the body to help fight infections and filter hazardous substances. They are normally not visible, but when they work in overdrive, they swell and become painful to the touch. They are usually detected in the neck, under the jaws, and behind the ears, but may also appear in the groin, abdomen, armpits, clavicles, and other parts of the ears.

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4. Exposure to the sun gives you eruptions

Facial erythema in “butterfly wing” on the nose and cheeks caused by exposure to the sun is one of the most singular symptoms of lupus, says Dr. Lee. At first, it may be thought that it is a redness in the face caused by heat, but unlike this kind of irritation, that of lupus persists when you are no longer in the sun.

Lupus Disease

5. Exhausted is a weak word to describe your condition

“It is no longer the fatigue you usually experience at the end of the day; With lupus, you are literally unable to pull yourself out of bed,” says Dr. Lee. Exhaustion can, of course, have many other causes ranging from depression to cancer through mononucleosis, and this symptom does not necessarily mean that we have lupus, but this is one more sign to add to The long list of those associated with this disease.

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6. Blisters in detectable places

A bulb on the heel? It’s the shoemaker’s business! But a constellation of blisters in your nose or mouth: call your doctor. There are a lot of other diseases that can cause these painful rashes on the body (like some STDs), but lesions on the mucous membranes are a common sign of lupus, Dr. Lee notes.

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7. Hair falls in packs

Although lupus affects men as well, 90% of all cases diagnosed in women aged 15 to 44 years. And one of the most terrible symptoms of this disease is the loss of your hair, says Dr. Lee. You may have noticed that your hair is lightening and that it has lost a lot of volume in a short time.

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8. Hands are frozen, even in summer

Many women often have cold hands and feet, as many men can testify – “Did you marry me only to have a warmer bed? But if your fingers and toes become cold to the point of turning blue and becoming insensitive, it a Raynaud’s syndrome. This syndrome affects the circulation in the extremities and can signal lupus, comments Dr. Lee.

Raynaud's Disease

9. Feeling like suffering from arthritis 

Your joints are not supposed to make you suffer until you have reached a certain age, right? Not so simple, says Dr. Lee. Unfortunately, many young patients with lupus have symptoms similar to those of arthritis, especially in the legs, and the pain,  more acute in the morning, and go down during the day.

Arthritis Disease

10. Pain in the chest

“Heart Attack!” This is the first (panic-stricken) thought that comes to mind in case of pain in the chest, but if your doctor rules out heart disease, then you may want to consider lupus. This autoimmune disease can cause edema throughout the body, including the areas surrounding the heart and lungs, causing dull, constant chest pain, says Dr. Lee. If your lungs are the first affected part, you may also have shortness of breath.

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11. Having a psychotic crisis

“Lupus can attack any organ, including the brain, sometimes causing psychosis,” says Dr. Lee. Many people come to think that they have suddenly become schizophrenic or insane, but it is actually lupus. “The neurological symptoms of lupus include hallucination (both visual and auditory) Paranoia, confusion, mood changes, and convulsions – they often declare abruptly and without any history of mental illness.

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12. It does not go well with the toilet

The kidneys are one of the organs most commonly affected by lupus, which means you may experience pain on the side or back, have difficulty urinating and retain water. Your doctor may also discover that you have a high concentration of protein in the urine.

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13. Heartburn that does not go away

Gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn and stomach cramps and diarrhea are frequent symptoms of lupus since this disease causes inflammation of the digestive tract. People who suffer from it often take over-the-counter medications or prescription medications without feeling any relief.

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14. Repeated miscarriage

Lupus can cause blood clot problems, says Dr. Lee, and this, unfortunately, results in frequent miscarriages in women. They get pregnant without problems but are unable to carry their pregnancies to term. This clot problem can also cause irregular and abundant menstruation. This is not the most common cause of infertility in women but if you are unable to have a baby and have some of the symptoms listed here, it is worth testing for lupus.

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15. Accumulate bizarre symptoms that do not disappear

Lupus is often confused with other diseases because of its tendency to “mimic” the symptoms of many pathologies. “Each person reacts differently depending on the organ attacked by the immune system,” says Dr. Lee. Worse still, the disease often comes in phases where particularly violent and painful periods followed by long periods when the patient feels very well and wonders if ultimately all this is not the result of his imagination. This also means that lupus can only be diagnosed once all other possible causes eliminated, adds Dr. Lee – an extremely frustrating and discouraging process for patients who desperately seek answers.

Fortunately, there is a simple blood test that can determine the level of antinuclear antibodies that’s a good indicator of lupus. But ultimately, you have to trust your body, says Dr. Lee. If you feel sick and do not recover, it is important to look for the cause of the problem.

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