Menopause is generally characterized by osteoporosis, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, etc. Discover our tips to fight against menopausal disorders!

1. Disturbed sleep

In some women, menopause can lead to sleep disorders. The advice to be applied is the same as in the case of classic insomnia: first, we must make sure to banish the excitants (coffee, tobacco, alcohol, etc.). In addition, taking sleeping pills can be avoided by using natural methods that have seen their effectiveness recognized, such as yoga, relaxing massages or herbal teas, homeopathic granules, etc.

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2. Mood Disorders

Menopause can also cause mood disorders. In addition to being a disruptive event in women’s lives, decreasing hormones like estrogen or progesterone cause a hormonal upheaval. Some women also view it as a step towards old age and a loss of their femininity. This state of mind can lead to irritability or even depression. The use of plants as natural remedies is a good alternative to hormone therapy. The essential oil of lavender gives good results at the rate of one to four drops per day to take on a neutral tablet.

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3. Osteoporosis

Estrogen production, a hormone preserving bone mass, decreases sharply, resulting in loss of bone strength. To protect yourself against osteoporosis, it is important to ensure a sufficiently high intake of calcium and vitamin D. It is also imperative to stop smoking and drink too much alcohol while practicing a sports activity in order to keep a good physical shape.

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4. The aging of the skin

Lower estrogen levels and reduced collagen production are responsible for the acceleration of skin aging. To remedy this, natural methods are better to be used. Alpha-hydroxy acids, known as AHAs or natural fruit acids found in certain cosmetics, visibly improve the appearance of the skin. Vitamin C and green tea also limit the aging of the skin. For greater results,  consider using Botox.

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5. Lower libido

Female sexual desire is linked to the presence of estrogens and androgens. Moreover, the absence of menstruation reveals a drying of the vaginal mucosa in some women, thus decreasing sexual stimulation. Communication between the couple is undoubtedly the key solution to counter the decline in libido. Still, it is possible to use lubricants and work to control the stress and anxiety that paralyze many women.

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6. Cardiovascular risks

The rate of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) tends to increase, as is the risk of cardiovascular disease. To protect themselves from these dangers, alcohol, and tobacco are banned imperatively. A healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables that give the body with soluble fiber, an isoflavone that’s found in soybeans and Omega-3s, is also important. Even moderate physical activity is also known to cut heart risks.

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7. Hot flashes

50 to 80% of women are affected by hot flashes, which is sometimes accompanied by palpitations and night sweats. It is characterized by a sudden rise in body temperature. And it is usually because of hot flushes women tempt to use hormone therapy. It is advisable always to have a refreshing drink and to learn to relax.

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8. Weight gain

A majority of women tend to gain a little weight. However, it is necessary to resist the temptation to make a draconian regime because, during this period, the risk of deficiencies must absolutely be avoided. Instead, you have to make sure you have a healthier diet by avoiding fast food, listening to your body, and moving regularly. While stimulating morale, the activity will reduce caloric intake, and therefore, limit weight gain.

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