There are uncountable cool as well as simple magic tricks. You can learn a lot of trick techniques. There are the card tricks, coin tricks and a lot of other tricky stuff that you can’t even imagine. Following, I’m giving you a few examples of many magic tricks you can learn quickly. These tricks are simple to perform from my point of view. I hope that they will be enjoyable to you.

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1 Cigarette vanish trick

It’s a simple trick that I adore. You can make a cigarette disappear by using your thumb. Wet the upper part of your thumb before applying this trick. You should then bend your thumb while holding the cigarette till it gets stuck to it. Then, you can fold your thumb as high as possible to show that the cigarette disappeared while it’s still stuck to your thumb, but no one can see it. You see, it’s a straightforward trick.

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2 Coin vanishes in a glass

You should bring some tools at first such as an empty glass of water, a coin, a white paper color or a paper of the same color as the table, and glue. Then, apply the glue on the upper edges of the glass of water and cut a small circle of the paper to fit the upper part of the glass and stick it to the glass. Then place the glass of water upside down on the table. You can then perform your trick by placing the glass on the coin to hide it and remove it to reappear again.

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3 Acrobatic Matchbox Trick

It’s another lovely simple trick, but it might need some practice. You should bring a transparent thread not to be noticed by anyone. Then, tie its edge to one match to place it in the box and tie the other edge your pants or in a hidden place in your shirt by using a small pin. Apply your trick by moving the match in the box through the invisible thread. After that, move it the way you like and apply many tricks in this one method. I hope you like it as it’s a nice trick for many.

These tricks ideas are nice and simple to apply at a gathering or special event. They might need some time of practice, but they aren’t hard to learn. You can perform them any time you want to amuse your family members and friends. I hope you really enjoyed learning about them. Good luck!