Too much pressure at work or school, financial problems, tensions within the couple are just as much stress events experienced by most people in their lives. We all used to the stress, so it is constitutive of our lifestyle. But things go even further because it was nice to know that stress can disrupt sleep, cause headaches or even promote the appearance of depression, we do not take into account because it was assumed the presence of stress in our lives. However, it may prove to be very hazardous.

All forms of stress are bad for health

We all have been in a situation where stress has helped us to succeed due to the fight or flight response sent by the brain when it feels threatened. Stress then releases hormones that drive us to protect us. However, this fight or flight response should not be excessive or improperly channeled. By our genetic inheritance, we are creatures of action and movement. However, one can not escape from a meeting and run as if a lion was chasing us through the jungle. In such a situation, try to keep calm and remain professional. This contradiction between the demands of the organization and those of the present society can lead to stress, which can become harmful to the body, because we spend our time boost, and reject stress, which involves an energy adjustment constant.

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The surprising negative implications of stress on health

As we have said before, lack of sleep, headaches, anxiety, and depression are some of the most misunderstood consequences of stress. However, studies on the subject show that stress can affect our health in many other circumstances.

  • Stress affects heart health

Stress can affect our behavior and thus harm the health of our hearts. Recently, a study showed that people who have long workdays are often heavy drinkers. Indeed, this study explains that this phenomenon is partly due to a popular belief that considers that drinking alcohol frees from accumulated stress at work. To fight against stress, drink some, but others smoke or eat in excessive amounts, which can make them obese. All factors that harm the heart health of stressed people, because they lead to increased blood pressure and may cause damage to the artery walls.

Another study shows that stress can also cause a reduction in blood flow that feeds the heart problem that women are more often prone than men. Researchers have proved that among patients affected by the coronary disease in women, the reduction of blood flow is three times higher than among men. On the other hand, stress may also promote heart attack. In 2012, a study on the subject showed that in people who are stressed at work, the risk of a heart attack increases by 23%.

Another study has also shown that people who are often angry or anxious at risk of having a heart attack nine times larger than the others. However, stress can affect health even after a heart attack. A recent study showed that women are more likely to be stressed after a heart attack, which results in a slower recovery phase.

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  • Stress causes diabetes

Stress increases the risk of developing diabetes. A recent study showed that women with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who do not know that stress. Indeed, when we stress, more cortisol is produced, which increases the amount of glucose in the blood and, therefore, the risk of developing diabetes. In people with diabetes, stress can prevent the body from effectively fight. Indeed, in addition to interfering with the stress hormones and increases in glucose levels in the blood, patients should be especially vigilant.

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  • Stress contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Although the exact causes of Alzheimer’s are unclear, many studies have suggested that stress could contribute to its development. A study conducted in 2013 on rats showed that the more do stress hormones exist in the brain, the more the production of beta-amyloid plaques is important. These plates play an important role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Another 2010 study showed that women who have high blood pressure or who have high cortisol levels were three times more likely than patients who did not present these symptoms to develop Alzheimer’s disease. More recently, another study showed that the elderly with cognitive impairment are more anxious, which could accelerate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Stress causes fertility problems

A recent study showed that in men, stress could cause decreased sperm quality, thus negatively affect fertility. The researchers conducting this study are based on an assumption: stress could trigger the release of glucocorticoids, steroid hormones that affect the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This could reduce testosterone levels and sperm production in men. As for stress-related fertility problems in women, a study conducted in 2014 showed that women with high levels of alpha-amylase (stress-related enzyme) in their saliva, the risk of failing to get pregnant increases 29%. On the other hand, the risk of being sterile is two times greater in women.

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The Surprising Effects Of Stress On Our Health