Makeup has some basic steps for a woman to have a pretty face. If it’s done the wrong way, it could be the otherwise and make her ugly not pretty.

In the beginning, you should get rid of dark circles around the eyes and peel the lips to get the best possible result from the makeup without any kind of trouble. Then, you should clean your skin with some kind of lotion (the appropriate one for your skin).make up

After cleaning your skin, you should put a properly selected foundation cream for face, near-skin color. Note that you should choose darker degrees of skin color base cream. If the skin is light and you chose a lighter degree of cream base, it would look pale, not shiny. While the final result will be nicer and more natural if you choose a darker cream based on the degree of a natural skin color, and at the same time, you should use the base of a lighter cream degree under the eye directly, especially if there were black halos want to hide. The cream base is distributed using a special sponge.

 make up

The next step is the way to put a transparent powder cream base on the face with a big brush. Then, using the black eyeliner on the eye, so the eye gets lines from the inside if the eyes were big and from outside if they were small.

make up

The next one is to apply eyeshadow color over the eyeliner on the eye and it should be a proper color for the girl’s hair and eyes ‘ colors to look good and stylish.

make up

Then you should put some mascara on the eyelashes to look thick (you could also apply false eyelashes), and then the blusher from the cheeks towards the ears.


The last stage is to put a lipstick; you can use a lip liner of the same color in case the lips were small. You should choose the same color of the eyeshadow for the lips, as the look fashionable and elegant. Then you can beautify the lips more by placing the glitter in the middle of the lips or even the whole lips


Note: you can also apply glitter on the eyes over the eyeshadow and under the eyebrows especially in the evenings