You might think that ending a relationship with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is an easy task. However, when you get followed by one of the exes or can’t get over them entirely, it would be a big issue to discuss.

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When you try to get over your ex, you should try some things and convince your self that there is no chance of coming back together. This way, you would be able to move on. Here are some steps you should follow to get over him/her completely even if s/he is following you to convince you to come back together and you don’t want this to happen.

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1 You should begin with deleting all your ex’s text messages from your phone even if it was hard for not clinging to your ex anymore. Then block your ex on Facebook or any other social sites you were talking or meeting him through such as Skype, Twitter, etc. If you didn’t like to do this as it would be noticeable, you could at least filter out their updates from your feed.

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2 After breaking up, try to stay away from people who are being mutual friends with you and your ex for some time. For the reason that they might ask you about your relationship and if you can come back together. And these kinds of stuff that you need not get involved at that particular time.

Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends

3 Ignore your ex’s calls or text messages and don’t ever send text messages to your ex. But if you are in the same college or the same work, then you are in a situation that demands a formal relationship between you and your ex. Even though, you can try to cut off all the contact at least for a few weeks.

Cut the contact

Cut the contact

4 Try to avoid going to your common places such as restaurants and cafes, as going such places where you both went to before could give you a chance of meeting him again and urge you to think of coming back together even after breaking up especially if you had good memories at that place.

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Now I think that you got a few ideas of getting over and avoiding your ex. Having dinner at a different restaurant or drinking your regular drink at another café, trying to avoid seeing the walking roads you walked on before. All these things would help you to avoid meeting or thinking of your ex. I wish these small tips have been useful to all of you.