All girls want to have the man of their dreams. When a girl meets someone and believes that he is the one, she begins to think of how to keep him; how to make him into her. Here are some points to consider if you want him to be into you.

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1 Do not think a lot

Have you ever heard of the say that when people talk to someone they like, they become more stupid than they really are? Funny, isn’t it? Being affected by emotions and the stress that comes with a lot of thinking, makes you do things you don’t want to do. When you think so much about everything and every detail, it seems like to avoid any stupid thing to happen you begin to make them yourself. So, stay calm and do not rush things.

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2 Do not try to impress him

All girls try to do the most beautiful things to make the guy like her more. Each girl tries to show her guy that she is so beautiful, so funny, so smart, and so on. But the fact is being perfect in everything is not what will make him loves you more. One day he will find out that you were faking it and he would not like it. The problems will start, and you two won’t know how to work them out, simply because you do not know each other for real.

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3 Do not make plans

All the tips about how to make fixed situations between the two of you are just a waste of time. However you tried to plan for every reaction you do when you are with him to look good, you will never be able to control your whole life situations together. Just be yourself. Be yourself. When you look at it that way it looks like you gave it a thought and a kind of plan too. Do not keep saying to yourself “I gotta be myself, I don’t need to fake anything” because that kind of attitude will make you do fake things without realizing. Again keep calm

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4 It’s ok to lose him

What truly makes the girl blows it is thinking that losing a guy is the end of the world. The more you try keeping him madly, the more you make mistakes. Besides; when a guy believes that you can’t live without him either he stops being so good to you expecting you to forgive everything he may do or he begins to feel bored. On the one hand, you need to make sure he will keep treating you good and never stops appreciating you. On the other hand, it’s for your own sake to be able to take the decision whenever it is needed to be taken. And if not, which we all hope for, you will be happy to feel that your relationship is successful because you’re strong enough to keep it, not because you’re afraid to lose some guy.

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5 You come first

The one thing you have to care about the most is yourself. Before you spend so much time worrying about making your guy into you, be into yourself. Love yourself and appreciate it, and never accept less than what you deserve.  The one rule you have to stick to is to be always happy and feeling peace in your life. You need to feel satisfied with yourself and successful; this is when you know the right one, the right timing, how to be calm and wise, and above all how to make him into you.

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It’s beautiful to be in love and be loved, but never let love turns you to be somebody else but you. As have to be tender and sweet to the one you love, you have to look after yourself. And be sure that your guy will be so much into you when he feels how much you care about him genuinely.