Making money is not easy at all as we need to exert a considerable effort, spend a long time and wait until we finally get the money that we need. You may work for a long time and tire yourself throughout the day until you become utterly exhausted without getting the money that satisfies your needs which forces you to look for other sources that allow you to increase your income.

Countless creative ideas allow you to get more money easily and quickly without the need to spend a long time working or tire yourself. You do not have to waste your time or neglect your job that is the primary source for getting money. All you need is to choose the most appropriate idea that suits you and allows you to get the extra cash, especially if you are in a hurry and cannot wait to get the money. Do you want to know how to make money quickly? Let’s take a look at the following ideas that will show you how to get the needed money easily without wasting your time or increasing the stress from which you suffer.


1 Take photos

Do you like taking photos? If your answer is yes, then why do not you try to take advantage of your talent and sell the photos that you take? Create a stock-photo account, post the stock photos that you take to this account and start making money.


2 Sell the items that you don’t need anymore

Look for anything you no longer use or need at your home. You will find that there are many things which are stored without being used, so why don’t you sell them and make use of the money that you will get. You can sell your CDs or DVDs especially the original ones, your guitar, toys or even antique items that date back to the past. You can sell these items in front of your home, busy streets or online on different sites such as eBay and Amazon.


3 Use money-making apps

There are several small paid tasks that you can do through using money-making apps such as GigWalk, WeReward, and CheckPoints. Using such apps will allow you to easily get extra cash without the need to exert a huge effort or waste a long time.


4 Collect 1964 Kennedy half dollars

Do you want to know why you should do that? Because they contain silver and are more valuable than the current ones as they are 90% silver making the piece worth more than just 50 cents. You can easily purchase these precious pieces at the bank and enjoy getting extra cash.


5 Create handmade items

If you are one of those have the ability to create different fascinating items on their own, then why do not you make use of this ability and sell what you make. Look for the things that people need and start your projects trying to attract many customers.




6 Build a roadside stall

It is a good place for selling different items that people usually need. You can use the roadside stall for selling hot nuts in winter, cold drinks in summer and its hot weather in addition to other goodies that all people like to eat. You have to make sure that building a roadside stall is not illegal and against laws. Do not forget to build your stall in a busy place where people can see what you sell.


7 Turn bottles and cans into cash

Recycling is not only beneficial for the environment since it makes it clean, but also perfect for you to make money. Collect all the cans and bottles that you have in your home especially those after the party or those which are thrown along busy roads and in the trash. You will help in making the environment clean and will make money without tiring yourself.


8 Advertise different businesses & products

You can easily make money while being on the go through advertising different businesses and products. You can use your car for this purpose or wear clothes that show the name of the product. This allows you to both get money and free products without exerting any effort.



9 Find day labor

It allows you to get money at the end of the workday. You can depend on yourself for finding a job by joining other day laborers or depend on the employment agencies that can help you to find a job in manufacturing, construction, offices or in a factory. There are also other tasks that you can do such as babysitting, decluttering, hedge-trimming, house-sitting, dog-walking and other easy tasks that are not tiring.


10 Sell your plasma

If you are healthy, weigh more than 110 pounds, and your age ranges from 18-59, you could use it to get extra cash, sell your plasma and do like most of the college students. It is like donating blood and you can do this twice a week to get about $20 to $30 per visit. Are you healthy enough to do this?


Other ideas that you can follow to get extra cash

Selling your hair, flipping products, online surveys, entering sweepstakes, participating in focus groups, dancing, playing music, singing, telling jokes, creating a website, writing, translating, affiliate marketing, selling domain names, teaching, renting your parking space and making videos especially the entertaining videos that people like.

The last resort: Begging

Mr bean begging How to Make Money Easily & Quickly - 1

What is the best idea that suits you?