If you need to start saving money for your kids‘ future, you better have to start making a good financial plan for keeping your money and not spending it.


First of all, you should not underestimate any amount of money even if it was a penny and put it in a small saving tool or a wallet, but it must be out of reach for not to be spent under any circumstances.


Second, If you are going out, don’t take all your money with you or you might buy something you don’t really need and if you wanted to do the grocery, choose the cheaper stores to get all you need and try to spend wisely on food. You could also make a list of things you need to buy and the approximate amount of money you might spend to buy all of those things.


Third, write down what you spend every day, try to make a weekly or a monthly plan of how much you might spend at this time and how much you can save.



Fourth, make food at home instead of buying expensive fast food. If you don’t have much time, you can make it at the weekend and put it in the deep freezer to eat it during the whole week. All you are going to need is heating it and save a lot of money and time instead.


Fifth, open a personal financial account in the bank (try to find the one with the higher interest in your neighborhood) to save the money without being able to spend it. As if it was at home, it’d be easier to spend it as it’s always at you hands’ reach.


Sixth, you can also invite your friends over and make the food and drinks yourself instead of going out with them and spend a lot of money on simple things and treats.


Seventh, when you want to buy something, starts thinking if you really need it or you just want to spend some money on buying it. If you really need to buy something, you should first look for the cheaper stores and places around you to save you some money.


Plus, some habits could save you some money such as reducing your TV use and some electrical devices as much as you can to save the electricity and not to spend so much money on the bill every month (this really could save some reasonable amount of money). You should even try to turn off the lights when you leave the room or the house each time and teach the kids to do that too.

There are a lot of things you can do to save some money from getting spent, but you should be wise enough to do so, and you will be able to save the money. Don’t give up if you aren’t committed enough at the beginning and keep trying till you succeed.