If you’re gonna do the crime, you better be ready to do the time, dick.


The website for The Ace was really inspiring and helped me come up with a concept for not just one submission, but a screenplay for each type of room in the hotel as listed on their sites, with the concept being ’24 Hours In The Life at The Ace Hotel,’.

For each of my individual scripts, most take place in one room within the hotel, with minimal extra props and actors needed, so as to keep the cost of shooting low and could be completed in either one or two days.

Whether the overarching concept inspires Killer Films, Massify, or other participants, I hope one or more of my screenplays appeals to any and all of the above mentioned:

For ‘The Loft, or Dick Points,’ I decided to take an idea I had knocked around with for a while and applied it to an emo rock band staying in a Presidential Suite-like room at The Ace.

The Loft being a spacious place, I was hoping to keep everyone a bit separated from one another, to indicate that perhaps they’re not the close friends they once were when they started the band. As a means of keeping their bad behavior in check, they’ve come up with a system called Dick Points, in which if the majority of the band deems your actions toward another member uncool, you would be assessed Dick Points for every infraction, leading up to a penalty, which is revealed later.

Although this is probably the most sketch driven of the scripts, I think we get a sense of these five guys in a modern rock band in a short amount of time, and hopefully, it inspires others to call out the bad behavior they see in the world! Thanks for reading it and for your feedback!

Pierre Stefanos
New York, NY

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