With the economy in the tank, one man’s proven methods can make you the best call girl (or guy) you can be.

The website for The Ace was really inspiring and helped me come up with a concept for not just one submission, but a screenplay for each type of room in the hotel as listed on their sites, with the concept being ’24 Hours in the Life at The Ace Hotel,’.

For each of my individual scripts, most take place in one room within the hotel, with minimal extra props and actors needed, so as to keep the cost of shooting low and could be completed in either one or two days.

Whether the overarching concept inspires Killer Films, Massify, or other participants, I hope one or more of my screenplays appeals to any and all of the above mentioned:

For ‘The Super Deluxe Room, or How To Succeed in Business Without Clothes,’ I figured this would be a good space to stage (SPOILER ALERT) a seminar on the in’s and out’s of becoming a call girl.

With the economy being what it is and people choosing to go back to school vs. finding another job in their field, I thought this could provide an absurdist departure into the world of Gareth, a master in the art of seduction, who teaches in a ‘real world’ setting, and a comment on how people are having to scramble to stay afloat in the country.

I think this also plays off the idea of a hotel renting space for seminars, which is something I explored in a script I wrote for The Liberty Room but probably won’t get to finish. In this case, though, I’d imagine this is a more clandestine kind of seminar…

Anyway, take the character of Gareth as you will but I think there are more than a few (uncomfortable) laughs to be found in his perspective, at least I hope there are. Thanks for reading it and for your feedback!

Pierre Stefanos
New York, NY

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