Try the best tips and aphrodisiac foods, both natural and effective to have more fun in bed tonight.

Take an action tonight

The fact of making love regularly promotes your sexual desire by activating testosterone, the key hormone to stimulate the libido in men as in women.

1. Stop smoking immediately

If you smoke, ask your doctor to prescribe nicotine patches. Why? Because it is scientifically proven that smoking can clog blood vessels in the penis in addition to clog the arteries of your heart. Have you ever had a better reason to quit smoking?

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2. Review your medications

Make a list of all medications you take and identify the troublemakers. More than 200 medicines can cause erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, including drugs used to treat hypertension, heart disease, depression, and stomach disorders. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if a medication your list would not be involved. Of course, you can not deprive you of essential medication, but you can ask your doctor if there is not a drug and another more suitable dosage or a new schedule of medication.

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3. Plan to escape

Take the evening to plan a vacation for two. Even if you do not realize your dream, merely to spend the evening together watching pictures on canvas and imagine in any tropical paradise can be enough to launch your desire and get you to put you soon in bed. Also, this is a conversation that much more stimulating academic problems your teen.

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4. Practice Kegel exercises

Do you know what constitutes Kegel exercises? These are the pubic contraction exercises that your doctor has recommended you after pregnancy, or to overcome small urinary incontinence. What your doctor probably has not told you is that these exercises are great for strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle, essential to orgasm. To do Kegel exercises, become aware of muscle you use to stop urine flow, then have you been to contract before releasing it gradually. Aim to perform 20 contractions three times during the day.

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5. Try this supplement

The men would benefit from consuming supplements of Ginkgo biloba. This herb improves circulation in the brain and in other organs. No need to dig the brain to understand its usefulness. Follow the instructions on the bottle not without consulting your doctor first.

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6. Cook dinner of pasta with pesto

Tonight, prepare the pesto and serve delicious on pasta. The pesto contains pine nuts are an excellent source of arginine, the precursor of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a key drug ingredient in Viagra. Arginine helps to dilate blood vessels and improves blood flow.

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7. Do as teens

Go to a movie with your partner and sit at the back of the room to frolic as you did the mild weather of adolescence. You will associate and prohibited to frustration, which is perfect to trigger desire.

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8. Touch your partner

Whenever you cross your partner, give him a pat, or kiss him (the) neck. And do not go further. The simple fact of having more frequent physical contact will heighten the desire. Try these tips to have a more intimate and fulfilling relationship.

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9. Foods to eat without reservation

Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of wheat germ on each cup of yogurt or each bowl of cereal you are taking. Wheat germ is rich in zinc, needed for the production of this vital hormone that is between all the testosterone. You can also find your zinc intake in beef, eggs, and seafood, especially oysters. Also, think of these aphrodisiac foods to warm the atmosphere.

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10. Play the game of the young couple

When you are at a party or anywhere in public, take a moment to devour your eyes and throw him that look of love as the first days of seduction. The sexual desire of the couple tends to diminish when we begin to take for granted. So, beware not to fall into the trap.

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11. Think of 50 shades

Read lasciviously torrid parts of a novel dared to your partner, then play as yourself in the role of the beautiful heroine and her handsome prince at once seductive and mysterious.

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12. Keep your eyes open

Look at your partner when you kiss and during more intimate reconciliations. The exchange gaze at such times sends a powerful message of openness and trust.

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13. Pretend it is your first meeting

You remember your legs soft and electric currents running through you when you’ve met for the first time? You can relive it. Call her to ask her out. Dress chic supper with him. Buy beautiful new underwear.

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14. Invent your own intimate rituals

No! We’re not talking about sex. But why do not you go gently wake your sweetie by bringing him a cup of coffee rather than let him jump at the sound of an alarm clock? Why do not you find yourself by preparing a bath in the evening? And how about dinner at the restaurant every Tuesday night, while most couples are sitting in front of the TV? Or massage her feet while watching a show on Netflix with a big bowl of popcorn. Consistency is the key to success. These are not the things you do every once in a while, but a steady approach to the point it becomes a secret ritual shared by you alone.

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15. Take care of your body

Or take a pedicure or facial, anything that can give you a better picture of yourself. If you take care of your body, it will be easier to make it a source of pleasure. Another way to feel better about yourself is to exercise … with a bonus related advantage for her as for him, better circulation in vital organs.

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16. Find your new conversation topics

Set the timer for 15 minutes and talk to him about anything except children, money problems, and the office troubles. Tell him the dream you did the day before. Talk about the teenager you observed at dinner and that reminded you of the time of your secondary, or the pride you felt after a remarkable statement earlier in the day. After the tone, it will be your partner to do the same.

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17. Traveling solo

Go for two or three days … all alone (all alone). During this stay, make a list of everything you like and you love about your partner. Here is how couples can stay close even if they are separated. Close your eyes and think you do love. Call him/her and share an erotic phone conversation. When you return, you’ll so want one of the other that the lobby will look like a giant bed.

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18. Do it in another room

Pay an outlet for children and stay at home alone. Make love in a different room than the bedroom. This can be done in a place as hot as a bath or as romantic as on a blanket in front of the fireplace.

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19. Note what bothers you

Before bed, make a list of things to do the next day and those that bother you. This is a way to remove the worries that can affect your ability to relax and let the desire rising in you.

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20. Free yourself of the performance pressure

Spend an hour to caress your partner on all parts of his body but without using your hands. Use other parts of your body (but also your imagination) instead. Or rather, you stroke with your hands over your body except for genitals. This will free you from the pressure to perform after a hectic workday. It’s also a wonderful way to unwind from the daily routine and forget its other tasks that really have nothing erotic.

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21. Eat a dozen oysters

After all, it is said that Casanova was offered fifty oysters on the breasts of a young beauty every morning while taking her bath. So they must be good. In fact, we have talked about previously, oysters are full of zinc, essential for the production of testosterone, the hormone that determines sexuality in women as in men.

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22. Create a romantic playlist for her or him

Make her play on your return home. And for that matter, light some scented candles. Who knows what could happen?

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23. Say “I love you”

Name two things every day that you love her/him. The love, affection, and mutual respect are the foundations of fiery sex life.

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24. Naughty text messages

Tell him plainly that you want him on his return home.

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